What is Google Consent Mode v2?

Google Consent Mode version 2 is an advanced framework designed by Google to help website owners manage and respect user consent for cookies and data collection. This technology enables websites to adjust how Google’s services operate based on the consent preferences provided by the users. For instance, if a user does not consent to certain types of cookies or data collection, Google Consent Mode v2 allows the website to modify the behavior of Google’s services (such as analytics or advertising tools) to comply with that user’s consent choices.


scanning of cookies

Easycookie automatically scans your website and detects all cookie files that have been used.


Adapt your content and template of the cookie consent banner depending on your needs.

Easy and quick

Easycookie implementation is easy and you can manage it in a few minutes.

for your device

Easycookie is optimised for a wide range of modern browsers and devices.

Support for
a wide range of languages

Automatic recognition of different language versions and a selection of more than 130 language variants of the cookie consent banner.

More domains,
one account

Manage all your domains using one user account.